Sunday, May 25, 2014

Calico Critters Country Market

I got this from my favorite thrift store for $6.99. A great price. I definitely couldn't afford to pay regular price for this. I saw it on for $173.00. Calico Critters are even expensive at ToyRUs. You do get what you pay for with CC. The quality is excellent. 

On the bottom of the box it says International Playthings, Inc. and made in China. 

Target has Woodzeez. Which are basically the same thing but cheaper. They look cheap, too. 

These are the cute little critters that were in the box. I think they're raccoons. There's a mother, father, sister and brother. The baby twins look like mice. The raccoons heads move from side to side. Their arms and legs move up and down. They can sit down. Only the babies heads move from side to side. The girl is sitting. The boy is crawling. 

Here's a photo from the side. There are stairs that lead up to the patio. 

The father raccoon is working the cash register. 

This market comes with 75 pieces. Only one piece was missing; a yellow purse. The picture of it on the box looks cheap so I don't miss it. 

Most of the pieces are very small. I don't think this would be an ideal toy for young children. There are too many small pieces to lose or swallow. I don't think older kids would be into this type of toy. Older kids are into Monster High or action figures. 

This set would also be hard for small hands to set up. Every time I bumped against it everything tumbled over. I think playing with this market could be frustrating for a young child. 

This is the other side. 

This is the patio outside. There is a small table and two chairs that go here. 

I got this because it's a great bargain. I didn't have to buy anything extra to go with it. My Polly Pockets, Mini Lalaloopsies, and LPS Blythes can shop at this market. It's the perfect size for them, too. 

I can use all of these pieces in dollhouses or dioramas. It was a very good deal. But like I said, I'd never pay regular price. Calico Critters is just too expensive. Even if it ever went on sale, it would still cost too much. 

If I see anymore of this stuff at the thrift store I'm definitely going to get it. 



  1. Yea, they are expeinsive here too. Too expensive for my taste. I rememeber that I used to have loads of Sylvanians and Forest Family (sylvanian's clones, but good quality), but later I gave them away in a most altruistic and idiotic way. And know I am regretting so much- I only have one single baby owl and huge urge to posses more of them :)
    We don't have thrift shops here- it's kind of charity shop, right?- only second hands, and Iet me tell you- finding Graal is easier than finding even one single critter.
    To buy such a big set for such a nice price is a grat find! And don't bash Woodzeez, I find them really adorable :)

  2. Don't feel bad about giving away toys. You made a child very happy. I don't go to the thrift store (its a second hand shop) more often so more children can have the toys. It makes them so happy and all children need toys to play with. I force myself to share even if I want them all for myself.

    I love the Woodzeez furniture, bakery and store as well as accessories. I just don't like the animals.

    I got very lucky when I found this. I don't always find things in such great condition.

    Thank you for visiting my blog. :-D