Monday, January 19, 2015

Ever After High Dexter Charming

I finally got the Ever After High Dexter Charming doll for a great price from Amazon on Cyber Monday. Shipping was so fast. It was incredible. 

Dexter is a prince so he's a royal. 

I'm so excited. I've wanted him for a long time but I couldn't find him in the toy stores. The online price was ridiculous until Cyber Monday. 

I need more male dolls that are articulated. They're hard to find at a reasonable price. 

I can't wait until Mattel releases another boy from Ever After High. I hope they release Dexter's brother Daring Charming or the one that wears green and plays guitar in the webisodes on YouTube. I forgot his name and I don't feel like googling it. 

This is the back of his box. It has an interview with Dexter. It says his roommate Hunter Huntsman and other crap. It's in French and English. 

I'm very happy that the doll doesn't have that stupid smirk on his face. 

His hair was a complete mess out of the box so I fixed that first. I used regular old hair gel to slick it down. I like his hair best this way. He's a very good looking young man. 

Here he is wearing his glasses and crown. I don't like this look at all. These will be the first to go. 

His clothes and accessories seem to be made out of cheap materials. They aren't as nice as Hunter Huntman's. Nothing he's wearing matches. He's clashing like crazy. Maybe Mattel was going for the newest, ironic hipster look. I guess that explains the ugly glasses with no lenses. How cheap. I hate it. 

I have no idea what this is supposed to be. Don't care, either. It's hideous. 

Here are his high top sneakers. Hunter's boots are much better. 

There is simply no excuse for this sorry backpack. It's made out of dull looking, hollow plastic. It doesn't even open. Precious natural resources were wasted to make this. 

There isn't anything I can do with this thing. I'll probably throw it away. I don't even want it taking up space in my tiny apartment. I couldn't get it to show up very well in photos. Just ugly. 

At least, Hunter's bag can open and close and you can put stuff in it.   

I'll buy Dexter a new one soon. 

Dexter and Hunter have the same exact hands. Why? I just don't know. 

Here's Dexter and Hunter. Great looking guys. 

I put Hunter's boots on one of my Taeyangs. I broke a foot prying the boots off Taeyang's foot. I glued his foot back together the best I could. 

I learned a very valuable lesson. I'll never put a pair of boots on a Taeyang ever again. 

Here are their stands. Pretty much the same. 

Here are Liv dolls wearing Apple White's and Dexter's glasses. 

Hunter and Dexter are much better looking than Liv doll Jake but Jake has more dexterity. He can do crazy poses. He's just real ugly. 

These two look like they're more than roommates to me. 

Hunter has inherited the crown. Dexter doesn't mind. It looks better on him. He looks like a Persian prince. 

Guess who makes a cute couple? 

Here's Hunter wearing his new crown and sitting on his new throne. He makes a pretty good royal. 


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