Monday, August 10, 2015

Disney Fairies Stylin' Tinkerbell and Periwinkle

I fell in love with the Jakks Pacific Stylin' Tinkerbell and Periwinkle dolls when I saw them in Target and ToysRUs. I got one from each store. 

There are four dolls in the Stylin' line but I only found these two. I did see some of the Pirate Fairie dolls. Tink and Peri are my favorites and their outfits are gorgeous so I got these. 

So far I've seen two Disney Fairies movies, "Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue" and "Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure". I was surprised because they're pretty good and I liked them. 

These are only $5 more than the basic dolls with very simple clothes and limited articulation. They're about 10 inches tall. 

They don't come with stands or brushes. Bummer. These dolls can't stand on their own. But isn't Tinkerbell adorable? What a pretty face. I love her expression. It's makes her look smart and clever. And she is. It's much better than the blank look, starry-eyed look on some dolls. 

I think the purple thing around her waist carries her Fairie dust. 

Her wings attach to a piece of Velcro on the back of her jacket. I might remove that Velcro. Her skirt is stiff and kind of crunchy. 

Ever After High's Maddie can wear Tink's clothes. 

They can wear each other's clothes. 

Here they are together. I forgot to put Maddie's hands back on. Tinkerbell's hands don't come off. 

Maddie has more range in her knees. 

Here is Tink with an articulated Bratz Sasha. 

The clothes fit Sasha, too. 

Tink is wearing Sasha's pants. I've removed the little white puff things from her boots because I didn't like them. 

This is Tinkerbell's sister, Periwinkle. This was the only time she looked that good. When I got her out of her box, my cat got a hold of her. Her hair will probably never be the same. 

Her dress is gorgeous. And she is so pretty, sweet and innocent looking. 

I've already lost her wings. They'll probably show up someday, somewhere I least expect it. 

I was going to make the sisters their own bedroom diorama and then I came to my senses. My apartment isn't getting any bigger. I had already made these bunk beds so I let them live there for now. 

Gooliope Jellington got a new camera from eBay so she dropped by to take photos of the sisters in their new abode. 

The bed is made out of cardboard and paper mâché. 

This wasn't enough layers of cardboard because the first level began to collapse when I started putting on the paper mâché. I had to add one more layer of cardboard to the sides, beds and to reinforce the base. 

When the paper mâché was completely dried I painted it. 

The back I just painted black. Then I covered the whole thing with Modge Podge to seal it. I used anything I had sitting around to decorate it. I didn't buy anything special to use. 

There's a ladder connected to the side. Sometimes, Toralei comes over for a visit. 

Robecca has spent a night or two when it wasn't being used. 

The bed is a little small for Tonner City Girls Billy but perfect for Moxie Teenz Arizona. 

Gooliope takes beautiful photos. 

I love the Disney Fairies articulated dolls. Maybe someday I'll get the other two in the series if I see them on sale. To me, these dolls are for collecting. A child would probably find it easier to play with and dress the basic dolls with limited articulation. Plus the basic dolls are cheaper. 



  1. They look really cute and great news on the clothes sharing! The Bratz doll looks awesome in the green dress.

    1. Thanks. I like their size. I don't have enough Barbie clothes

  2. Your diorama is so creative! I know you said you just used found stuff, but it looks very thought out.

    1. Thanks, Muff. Decorating it was a lot of fun.

  3. bratz oszałamia!
    wróżki zawsze świetnie się prezentują
    w cywilnych ciuszkach - a zwłaszcza
    a domku tak ludzkim - brawo dla Kotki!