Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Calico Critters Townhouse

I got a Capico Critters Townhouse from the thrift store for $4. It came with some kitchen furniture and a complete bathroom set. There are battery powered lights in two rooms of the house. The house is also in two pieces but I just place them next to each other.

Calico Critters toys are outrageously expensive so it's nice when I find them at the thrift store much cheaper.

Here are some photos.

This house is quite small. 

This is where I put the kitchen furniture but I actually think it's the living room. 

A very small bedroom above the kitchen. I took some of the furniture from my Lalaloopsie dollhouse and put in here. 

I made this room the play room because it's so tiny. It's right next to the bathroom. 

I like the bedroom that leads out to the balcony. This didn't come with any rails so I took them from the Calico Critters Market I got and put them on the house. Some day I'll get around to making rails for the balcony. 

This is the very crowded and small bathroom, the playroom and the living room. There aren't any lights in these rooms. Some day I'll get around to putting lights in these rooms. 

Closer look at the bathroom. 

Closer look at the kitchen. Mrs. Raccoon likes to cook. 

Closer look at the one bedroom. 

As you can see, it's very small. It's also missing some crucial pieces like the stairs and the balcony rails but I don't mind. I still think it's cute. 

No way would I pay full price for this because of the size and the fact it doesn't come with any furniture, fixtures (except the two lights), wallpaper, curtains, or Critters.   

I read on the internet that you can download wallpaper from but the website doesn't seem to be working. 

It's still a nice addition to my growing dollhouse collection. 



  1. Even though it's small, it's still very cool and built quite well. Getting it for $4 is excellent!

  2. Nice house, verry cute.
    I often look at Calico Critters, when im at the toystore. Im not gonna collect them myself, but sometimes its really hard saying no so I do have 1 family.

    1. The animals are so cute. I'm glad I finally have a little family. They're good quality, too.